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The story so far...:

You awake in an alley, blood running down your lip, a foul smell hits your nostrils as you sit up and look around. The city around you is in chaos. Witnessing a man being robbed you stand to your feet and take a step out into dark mayhem.
Gun shots ring out from somewhere in the distance, shouting and the screeching of cars, yet no police sirens. A feeling of loneliness fills you as you stumble to your feet and start walking, taking in the city around you.
You begin to realize just how things work, the strongest survive. Gangs stick together to protect one another so you decide its best to remain wary. Money exchanges hands each and every minute be it for drugs or protection.
A dark shadow approaches you... hearing the breathing you spin around and punch the figure down rummaging his pockets you find $100 and think to yourself “now, to get more....”

Mayhem.. That's what they call this place, and you don't have to go far to see why. Turn any corner in this dark city and you will witness something illegal happening.
It wasn't always this way. Before the prostitutes, the drug addicts, the gangs, and the many crooked officials took over, this place had everything going for it. Exceptional schools, high profile businesses - the city was progressing and seemed the perfect place to settle down and raise a family.
With crime on the rise in other main cities, law officials were given field judiciary powers along with the ability to convict and sentence (and execute if the charges were severe enough) criminals on the spot, in many cases death was an acceptable punishment even for lesser offenses.
This forced anyone who made a living committing crimes to pack up and search for a safe haven.
Looking for a place outside of the main cities jurisdiction they found this city, and slowly turned it into the darkness it is now. Thugs formed gangs, gangs controlled territories, drugs and weapons became readily available.
However there are still some honest folks living in the city, a select few that chose not to move, to make a stand and try to make a difference, the honest living alongside the dishonest, so which path will you take?

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